How To Stay Gucci While On A Plane

Catching a long flight and then de-boarding to go straight to a work event is never fun, but I have a few tips to help you look fresh faced and ready to take on the day! Hydrate: You have to stay hydrated to combat bloat & dry skin. I know peeing on planes is less […]

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A Social Media Cleanse Can Do Ya Some Good!

Are you social media obsessed these days? Can you go an entire day without loggin into your Facebook or your Instagram account? For many, this is harder than it sounds, but boy is it necessary! I love social media, shoot a portion of my job is based off of social media, but every once in […]

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How To Kick A Cold, FAST AF!

It all started on Monday, when I woke up feeling a bit under the weather. At noon I might add. That’s how I knew I was sick. I’ve got sooo much on my plate these days that being down for more than a day can really mess with my schedule. I am so blessed to […]

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