Tent Camping Hacks You Need To Know!

Camping can be a lot of work – the planning, prepping, oganization of activities while there, and then the clean up.  Follow these tips below to help save you numerous hours!

Camping Prep For Easy Set Up

Organization is KEY! Set aside three, preferably stackable, storage containers and duct tape to label them. Label 1 container Kitchen, the 2nd will be Living Area, and last your sleeping bin or tent container. What goes in each? Kitchen – Camping Stove, Non-perishable food, matches & propane, shoe organizer (already filled w/ utensils, spices, zip lock bags, foil, and dishwashing supplies). Living Area – Games/playing cards, lanterns, hammocks, towels, headlamps or flashlights, and string for drying clothes. Sleeping Bin – Tarp for ground, tent, blow up mattress, pillow, sheets, and anything else you may feel is a necessity for your tent … not including clothing.

Upon Arrival

When you arrive drive around to get a good look at all the campsites. You will be best off finding one with part sun and shade. The shade will be beneficial in the heat of the afternoon and the sun in the cool of the early mornings. Take into consideration the shower/ bathroom locations and the placement of the next campsite… like is it directly behind you? If you plan on staying up late or want to enjoy a little peace and quiet choose a campsite furtheset away from the bathrooms and closest to the wilderness.

Place each labeled container in its designated area. Makes for an easy set up without having to search where the item goes. Ice chests should always be put in the shade to preserve the ice.

If you are camping somewhere where there are bears take these into consideration:

  • DO NOT keep food in tents or cars. They will go through both to get to the food.
  • Use lockers if they are provided. If no lockers then hang food and all scented items (lotions, toothpastes, and shampoo) from a sleeping bag sack at least 10 feet up from tree trunk.
  • I recommend using a lockable ice chest if at all possible!

Food Prep

Freeze a few jugs of water or even water bottles to help save space in the ice chest. Your water bottles will take the place of the ice and when they melt you have perfectly good cold water to drink!

Put frozen water jugs in the bottom of ice chest, next place any pre-made meals in the middle, fruit, snacks, and other beverages will go on top.

Fun Activities

Playing cards are always a good idea, but sometimes it’s fun to bring a long a couple board games. We leave Cards Against Humanity, Playing Cards, and Trivial Pursuit always in our living area bin. Cornhole is always a blast for people of all ages… if you don’t have much space try buying a travel one.

Here’s a few more tips:

Another super important necessity is a good pocket knife! If y’all want some more information on what poocket knife best fits your lifestyle or camping needs, check out this great article, https://www.reviews.com/pocket-knife/

What are your camping tricks?


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