The Doggy-Human Happiness Circle

As humans, we all learn throughout our lives what makes us happy. And each person is a little bit different in what creates their happiness. But there are always a few things that stick for the majority of people. Those few things are love, family/friends, financial stability, our fur babies, and hobbies. It is easy to go through life and fall into a self-centered focus, especially with work and family matters at hand. Sometimes we forget to think about what makes our dogs happy. More than likely, you have thought about it in the past, but maybe haven’t reevaluated what makes them happy as they get older. Sometimes your pup can’t run as fast or walk as far, and sometimes their happiness depends on you and what you are doing. Just like humans, most dogs are different in what they like to do, but there are those few things that stick for our doggies. Some of those are playing with balls/toys, having you around to play or cuddle, and their food options. As you can see, our dogs make us happy, and we make our dogs happy. So, focusing on their wants and needs every once in a while, is not only the right thing to do, but what they deserve. I can’t tell you how often people overlook their dog’s food choice each and every day.

I am sure you know someone who does this, or are someone who does this: When you have to feed your dog, you go to their food closet, grab the coffee mug that is in their huge food bag, scoop a cup of extra dry brown balls into their bowl and lay it on the floor for them… as if they should be excited for it. Don’t feel bad if this is you. It is actually the norm, but thankfully, it is becoming a thing of the past. More and more people are taking care of their animal’s wants and needs instead of just giving them enough nutrients to survive. Each and every day, thousands of fur baby parents are saying no to 40lb bags of dry food and opting for something that is human-grade quality. And you should too! Like we talked about above, part of your dog’s health and happiness literally relies on what they are eating! I have mentioned how bad normal dry food is for your dog’s health in the past, but I would like to reiterate one thing, and that is how the companies that make those run-of-the-mill dog foods have much lower requirements for the nutrients and ingredients they put in there.


In fact, if you look at a bag of dry food, it will show you x% of protein, and x% of carbs, but you don’t know how much protein is coming from each ingredient. In other words, there is no way of telling how much of the protein is coming from the source you want it to come from, like the chicken or beef, etc. Anyhow, I don’t want to go on and on about why not to buy dry dog food on a regular basis for your pups, you can look that up on your own and get much more detailed info from other companies as well. What I do want to clarify is how important nutrients are to your pups health and how eating tasty, worthy of scarfing down food truly makes your doggo so much happier.

The food that I have found to be the biggest hit for my fur babies’ happiness and health is Pet Plate. It has seriously worked wonders for them! My oldest dog has gone from depressed to back on her feet and whining with excitement when it is breakfast and dinnertime. She LOVES the taste. And she loves it because it is real food. From a real kitchen. With a real chef. Plus, Pet Plate will make your life easier – it arrives at your door whenever you want it, and the meals are ready to serve. Pet Plate is a subscription service, but you can adjust your frequency to meet your pup’s needs, so you will get it however often you desire. If you don’t know how much your pet should be eating, don’t worry, they will help you out in that area as well. It is an amazing, all-inclusive company that will totally make a difference in your life and your dog’s health and happiness. Remember, your dog’s happiness relies on your happiness relies on your dog. I call it the “Doggy Human Happiness Circle,” and if you think about that “Circle” every once in a while, you will both continue to be happier on a daily and weekly basis.

Gift Idea

Oh, also, if you have a family member or friend that has a dog, this is literally the best gift idea ever! You can have Pet Plate sent to their house for their puppy. It is like giving someone’s child a gift, they love it, the dog’s love it, and you will be working on that person’s “Happiness Circle” without them even knowing about it. And that will expand into your friendship circle as well. So everyone around you, and especially you will be just dandy as can be.

Who doesn’t love a good discount code?

I hope you enjoyed this post and will look into feeding your dog some real healthy food. If you would like to try Pet Plate out, you can head over to their website and give it a try. Click here and get 35% off your first order! You have nothing to lose, you have to buy them food anyways, so give it a try and see what you think. I am so sure you are going to be happy with your choice. Thanks for reading!!


Kara Duenas


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