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Part 1

As many of you know, modelling/taking photos, travelling the world, and running this blog aren’t the only things I do on a day to day basis. Among the many other tasks that keep me busy on a daily basis, I am also a storefront business owner! My Fiancé and I have owned a Home Décor Consignment store in Palm Desert, CA for over 2 years now. For those of you unfamiliar with California, Palm Desert is right in between Palm Springs (well-known vacation place with lots of palm trees) and Coachella (well-known place that hosts Coachella Festival and Stagecoach Country Music Festival).

               What It Is

For those of you who don’t know what a consignment store is, it is a retail store that will sell your items for you, and charge a percentage for doing so. In our case, we sell home goods, so for example, if you have a dining table that you want to sell, you would give it to us, and we would sell it for you. Then once it sells, we would cut you a check. It is a great way for people to get rid of their items without having to deal with the creeps of craigslist, plus it is completely hassle-free! Another benefit of it, is if you’re selling high-end items. If you’ve ever tried before, it is extremely difficult to sell high-end ANYTHING on websites like Craigslist, so a consignment store (like ours) is actually the best option!

               How We Got into It:

We have wanted to be business owners for as long as we can remember! Well, once Cody got out of the military and finished school, we were finally free to do whatever we wanted! Initially, we decided to open the store in Vegas, but due to family health issues, we ended up moving to Palm Desert and opening it on one of the most luxurious streets in California, El Paseo. On top of that, Cody’s parents own a consignment store as well, and that is where we learned how to open and run a successful store!

               Business Goals:

We have been talking about it for some time now, but it is much more difficult than it sounds – Completely Online Consignment Store. Not only will be able to reach more potential customers, but we can also work from wherever we want and be able to relocate if we ever so decided. Since we already have thousands of items in our inventory, it is definitely possible, because that is one of the hardest parts to starting an online store, or heck, any store for that matter! So why haven’t we done it yet, you may ask? It is super duper expensive and time consuming. Simple as that. You can check out our website that we currently have (below). We created that ourselves, but it only has a few items so far, and getting to point where we can allow other people to list their items and create software for automatic commission payments, etc. takes longer than expected when you don’t really know how to code like a pro! Anyways, that is our goal and hopefully, if enough people spread the word about our store and we continue to grow, we can complete it one day!


Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about us. As you know, I don’t normally write about our personal lives besides where we go and what we do when we are there, but, by many requests, it’s time to open up and let a few things out of the basket. So, there you have it! We work in Palm Desert quite a bit! Oh! I almost forgot, if you are looking for furniture and are in the area, be sure to go to our website, visit our store, check out our FB or Insta, etc. We have tons of awesome items that you won’t find anywhere else! Thanks again!

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  1. This is so awesome! I really enjoyed learning more about you and what you do! Your store sounds cool too, I’ll definitely check it out online. Thanks for the great content and I will continue to tell my friends about you

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this article and thank you so much for spreading the word! If you are ever in the area, you should definitely stop on it, we get in a wide range of unique pieces. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week! Xx

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