The Greatest Beer and Why You Probably Haven’t Had It!

Do You Consider Yourself A Beer Enthusiast?

There aren’t many brews out there that stop you in your tracks and make you wonder if you’ve really ever tasted beer before. Well, unless you live in the East Coast, then you probably already know what beer I am talking about. If you live in the West Coast, you are probably already thinking about how there is no way in hell this beer is better than blah blah or blah. Lucky for you, I am here to tell you to be quiet with those negative thoughts, because you are wrong. Plain and simple. Keep an open mind. Which by the way, is hard to come by these days for some odd reason. Everyone has their one-sided opinion of every little thing and it makes arguing too easy. “ENOUGH!,” I say.

Anyways, the beer I am talking about is Yuengling. If you have heard of it, good for you. If you have had it, great for you. If you haven’t heard or had it, you will soon, don’t worry. Although, everyone should have heard of it once in their life, since it is the oldest beer in America. Well, that I know of at least. More on the antiquity later. So, a little history on my experience and knowledge of this beer. I am from the West Coast and still live in the West Coast, but have lived in Texas, Wyoming, and in the military was deployed all over the place. So, I have tried countless beers straight from the Coors Factory (read that post here), beers from hundreds of microbreweries in America and Canada, and Bier in Germany, Beer (Irish/Gaelic accent) in Ireland and more. I can go on and on. On top of that, I brew my own, so I do know what I am talking about. Anyhow, I have friends from the East Coast that have always raved about Yuengling, and I, as you probably are now, explained how they are wrong and that it probably isn’t that good. Well, then my best friend (also from the West) went to Jersey and had it one time. He came back and raved just like the others. It was beginning to stir in my head that this beer just may be something I need to try.

Last month, we made a trip to the East Coast (not our first or anything, just our first since hearing about Yuengling), and sat down for dinner. As my eyes were jotting from beer to beer on the Cocktail menu, I came across a familiar word. I think to myself and accidentally blurt aloud, “Finally!” I then explain to Kara the whole story behind it, and we decide to order a Large to share (since I am pretty ignorant and still don’t want to believe I am going to agree with the people I have been debating with).

A few minutes pass and the waiter, John, brings a perfectly poured beer with just enough head to cover your mustache. If you’re a man, then you should have a mustache. Women too. Jk. Anyways, it looked like a mix between a Coors Banquet (not a Coors Light) and a Newcastle Amber Ale. That could have been because the glass wasn’t clear glass. An off-clear. I can’t remember the color. But it looked normal for those of you who don’t know beer colors that well. So, I smell it and it has light scent tones of malt and very light hops. “It doesn’t smell special,” I think. Then, I bring the glass to my lips, tilted the bottom of the glass ever so slightly away from my body. The head of the beer fills my mustache, like a little kid in a milk commercial from the 90’s and beyond. The flavors that hit my tongue are immense, yet so calming. My brain beams. My taste buds dance with joy in my mouth like Pop Rocks, and I finally understand. It has small notes of caramel, but maybe that isn’t it. I am just not sure. I think I am going to try to make my own version, which of course won’t be as good. So, why make my own? Wait a second…Why haven’t we all heard of or tried this before? Good questions. Well, I’ll tell you why! Because we aren’t allowed that freedom! Yuengling explains that they haven’t yet expanded to more states because their distribution is limited by production capacity. Meaning, they are already selling more than they can make. So, from a business perspective, they are doing well, and may be looking to expand in the future. If you want to try it, you have to go to New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware, Washington D.C., Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, or Louisiana. I think I got every state. God help the rest of us! We have to fly across the country just to enjoy ourselves! ☹ Lol. But really, if you want to try the best beer, head over to any of those states. OR if you’re in one of those states, be sure to grab a Large because a small will just lead to a Large anyways. I don’t work for Yuengling or anything, I just want you all to experience the great goodness of our beautiful country. Although, if Yuengling happens to read this and wants to send me a 12 pack or truckload, you can find my email in the Contact section 😉.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. If you have had it, leave your thoughts in the Comments section below. If you haven’t, leave your thoughts below as well. I am totally Okay and up for a debate! But not matter what, you must SUBSCRIBE or else I won’t really like you that much. Have a good day!


Author: Cody Corio is an M.B.A. holder from Las Vegas, NV. He hasn’t written anything published by a big fancy company, and hasn’t been featured in the NY Times as a best seller. Heck, he can barely sell anything at his Retail Store that he owns and works every day. But that doesn’t stop him from scaring customers away as he sings Taylor Swift in a terribly high-pitched voice.



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