The Kenai Peninsula

Kenai Peninsula

On day 2 of our beautiful, adventurous Alaska trip [who’s isn’t?!] we decided to take a little stroll down South of Anchorage to the Kenai Peninsula. As I mentioned in the fishing post, we didn’t quite make it down to the Kenai River, but we were pretty darn close! Cody really wanted to, but I put my foot down and kept my priorities straight! Lol. But really, we were so close, but just had too much on our agenda. DSC00253Out of everything we did in this area, I am going to talk about the main two, Exit Glacier and a little city called Seward. They are basically right next to each other and you can easily see both in one day, and yes, I recommend it, that is why it made the list.

Basically, the whole town of Seward runs along the coastline, so you get awesome, gorgeous views from almost everywhere! They have a lot of charter fishing tours that come out of there as well, so around 2-4pm you can watch the fisherman come back with their catches (not that it’s a thing, but hey, if you’ve never done it, here’s a good place!). Also, there are a few restaurants and breweries here that are super cute, smell amazing, and for sure hit the spot in terms of drooling tastiness! In fact, one of those spots is called Seward Brewing Company. Beers I recommend: Panty Peeler (a Red or Amber Ale, I can’t remember now, but oh so delish), Rockfish Red (not as good as the Panty Peeler, but still really good), and if you’re into darker, heavier brews, then the Inked Out Stout is a really smooth option. As for food, they recommended the Salmon Sandwich, but it was mediocre; on the other hand, the Rockfish Tacos were absolutely wonderful.

After sightseeing, shopping, and eating at Seward, I recommend heading back the way you came in (the only way out by car, lol) and swinging by Exit Glacier. It is one of the prettiest glaciers you can see (strictly opinion based, ranked from my personal experiences with glaciers, which is minimal, hehehe). But it is a small hike up to the top, it sprinkled while we were there, and there was a black bear in the area, so bear spray and a light jacket in case it rains – is a good idea. Super, duper fun, and a blast to get out into the wilderness and get to see such wonders.


Fun Fact: A glacier is a slow-moving river of ice. Not fun enough for you? Well, did you know that glaciers take up almost 10% of Earth’s land mass?! Crazzzyyyyy.

Another very exciting and gorgeous day out and about. I do recommend if you have a few days to explore the area. If you wanted to squeeze in more out of the day, you can try to make it to Kenai River or even another glacier around there! Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions at all!


Kara Duenas


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