Things You Should Know Before Your Trip To Thailand

Planning A Trip To Thailand?

Thailand – The Best 3rd World Country to Visit

For those of you who haven’t made the time to visit Thailand, this post is for you. Thailand is a very different country than the United States. From the way of life to the food and activities, it is a tranquil and vibrant experience altogether that should be encountered at least once in your life. If you’re anything like us, you wont only visit once; we are planning our next trip back to Thailand. There is so much to see, and at a great/affordable rate too. Visiting temples, gorges, elephants and tigers, and so much more! Let me just dive in and start answering many of the questions that most people have when it comes to Thailand.

Where Exactly Will the Plane Land?

This is a good question. It’s always smart to know where you are going to be, and planning from beginning to end is key to successful travel. So, if you’re coming from America, you will land approximately 30-45 minutes away (bus/taxi) from Bangkok. This is where we stay for the first night or two, while we roam around and get a feel for the capital of Thailand. We suggest doing the same; by going from the airport to your first hotel in the primary city, you will get a feel for this part of Thailand, plus let your sense of direction get a grip on things before making your way on roads through forests just to get to rivers and beaches.

How Long Should You Visit?

We recommend visiting for at least 1 week. By that we mean 7 days of foot traffic in Thailand, not 7 days total. Don’t forget, 2 days of your travelling will be at the airport and on a plane, so be sure to account for those days. Our first trip was 10 days long from start to finish, but we ended up only being there for 8 days because of flights and time changes. This was enough time to see a lot of Thailand, but not nearly everything it has to offer.


Where Should You Go?

This is the hardest question to answer, because everyone has a different taste in activities, but we will do our best. The best way to go about navigating the activities in Thailand is to get a feel for a little bit of everything. For example, maybe the first 2 days you hang around Bangkok, do a little shopping at their HUGE shopping malls and try some street food. Over the next few days, we would recommend doing as many of these as you possibly can: Floating the River Kwai, Riding and Feeding Elephants.

On the way to the River Kwai is one of our favorite places, the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. It is like another world, you take a tiny little boat through small waterways to a little marketplace with all kinds of shopping and fun. Back on track, you should go to the beaches at Pattaya, and even go to a variety of temples along the way, including Wat Pho (Temple Of The Reclining Buddha) and Bang Pa-In Summer Palace. As you can see, there is a lot to fit into 7 days, so in order to make the best out of your time…go to the next question.

Should You Travel with a Guide?

You should book a travel guide. One of the best ways to go about travelling to and through Thailand for your first time is through Groupon. Now, there are different vendors on Groupon, so check them out, compare their prices, and see what each one has to offer. Many times, you will find a rocking deal that sounds something like – $500 per person, which will include Airfare, Hotels, Travel between Attractions (bus rides), the Tour Guide, and even a few meals too. Sound too good to be true? We thought so too, but it isn’t, you just have to find the best deals out there.

If you are one of those people who doesn’t really like to travel in large groups (like my boyfriend; he was the strange kid who hated field trips in school), don’t worry, just because you are in a group doesn’t mean you have to participate in all of the activities. You can hang back and do your own thing whenever you’d like. But, let me mention that before going on the trip, he complained about booking with a tour guide. After the trip, he said, “Good thing we had a tour guide, we never would have seen everything we saw without her.” LOL.

Just Have Fun!

Travelling to a country like Thailand can be a little intimidating. I understand that and have been through those same exact feelings. Just remember that you are going to have a great time. Your tour guide will do just that, GUIDE you, while you’re have a great experience and enjoying the differences in culture.  You are going to see so many unbelievable things, get picked up by elephants (yep, that’s me in the picture), and really just have the time of your life. Trust me when I say, if you’re going to plan a trip for the culture and Thailand is an option, choose Thailand. You won’t regret it, unless you get Bangkok Belly. Don’t get Bangkok Belly.

What in the World is Bangkok Belly?!

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