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So as I am sure you have already noticed, I travel… A LOT. Mainly for work, but sometimes for pleasure. This can make it tricky for staying in shape, but that doesn’t mean impossible. Take a look at a few of my top tricks for staying in shape on the road.

Hotel Gyms

I’m not a gym fanatic by all means, actually I avoid gyms at almost all costs. My go-to fitness practices all involve the outdoors. Every once in a while I do get stuck in the metropolitan where my fitness options are limited.  Running off a long, stressful day in the gym, might be just what you need.

Class Pass

If you travel often or get bored of the same ol’ classes then this might be perfect for you. A class pass is a program you join in monthly and it allows you to access hundreds of different classes in multiple cities.

Girl Get Outside!

Explore the city you are in. Opt in for walking or renting a bicycle to tour downtown. Maybe you are one of those fortunate people who has traveled to a beautiful, nature lovers destination. Don’t waste anytime, go for a hike! Free climbing is a great way to workout the entire body (only intended for those experienced in this) or jump into the lake and leave the floatie behind. Treading water is an INCREDIBLE calorie burner!!


Workout Equip You Can Travel With

Maybe you would rather fit a few squats in the privacy of your room. If this is the case then check out my favorite travel workout equipment below!

No matter where you are, you can always make your environment perfect for a quick workout. Don’t let travel be your excuse! That bikini bod doesn’t just appear without hard work.




6 thoughts on “Traveling + Fitness

  1. Damn… I wish you didn’t write this one. Haha I know I should be working out when I travel, but it’s so easy to avoid it. haha You are goals tho! I follow you on Instagram and I constantly see you incorporating fitness into your travels. IT shows in your bikini pics. This article will forever be my reminder to add in some form of fitness on my next vacation.

    1. Trust me, it becomes routine and you’ll learn to love it. A good workout sesh is a great kickstart to any day… especially those where you may indulge in too many cocktails. Haha! Xx

  2. You have always loved all forms of fitness. This is the perfect article for you to write and great tips for me to follow.

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