Traveling With Kids

Traveling With Kids Ain’t No Easy Task

Okay Mom’s and Dad’s out there I’ve got some tips & tricks that will help alleviate some of the stress that comes from traveling with kids!

“To Do” Prior To Your Trip

When planning anything, organization is always KEY so it would only make sense for easy travels… kids or no kids! It is always a good idea to look into the weather conditions ahead of time and figure out what activities ya’ll will be doing so you can pack accordingly. One of the top things travelers often forget is proper documentation!! Not having the required documents can really add stress to your trip so look into what you  need and print them out ahead of time! I’m obsessed with spreadsheets and checklists- creating either is the best way to ensure you aren’t forgetting anything!!!

Now that we have all the logistics figured out let’s begin to pack. Each kid gets a carry-on size rolling bag and a backpack…color coordinated of course. The rolling bag will contain their clothes or anything needed once you arrive at your destination.

Their backpack will consist of items we want easily accessible during travel + items to keep them entertained. I find it best to use a backpack that has several different compartments; separating or categorizing their objects makes it simpler to find in-flight.  If you plan on bringing any of their electronic devices, make sure to fully charge them before packing them away… it is no fun pulling out a dead Ipad mid-flight, just to find out you will have to entertain them instead.  I’d HIGHLY recommend you download a few of their favorite movies/tv shows ahead of time. Sometimes the airport Wifi acts up and your show will not be downloaded in time. Just a heads up, Netflix now allows you to download any movie or TV show for offline viewing.

Quick Tip:

For easy outfit selection when at your final destination I recommend setting aside one outfit per day and put it in a packing square/ garment bag, then into the suitcase it goes. If you don’t have these, I have found that large Ziplocs will do the job just fine! Each bag holds one outfit – a top, bottom, undergarments, socks if need be and any accessories you may want to complete the look. Doing this helps a ton!! You will spend less time deciding what to wear & more time exploring!

What Goes In the Backpacks:

  • Any electronic devices they wish to bring + charging devices
  • Noise cancelling headphones are a great way to have them fall asleep and not wake up to any disturbances on the plane (optional)
  • Books (can be a great way to keep them busy)
  • Wet Wipes + Hand Sanitizer
  • Chapstick
  • Empty Reusable Water Container ( Easy Refill at the airport)
  • Medication – if they take any
  • Snacks

Each kid will get their own, don’t forget!

Adults aren’t the only ones who snack when they are bored. So for snacks, I usually grab a few snack size Ziplocks and fill them will Goldfish, trail mix, or anything else that is dry and the kids enjoy. Remember, no fruits, veggies or liquids over 3 oz. are allowed to go through TSA.  This includes, yogurts, jams, or any spreads… you don’t want to be cleaning those up on the plane anyways. ha ha! I usually put all the snacks in the most easily accessible compartment of the bag. The kids can carry just about everything they need themselves, but i’d advocate that any important documents are best kept with you!!!

Now that you are safely on the plane + have the kids all settled, throw on a hydrating facial sheet mask and relax! Do you have any travel tips that you swear by? Comment below with your travel tips!! I’d love to see pictures of your trips, tag @BeachinTraveler on all social platforms.


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