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Why Your Fur Babies NEED Their Vitamins

When it comes to our pets, we are ultra-loving, protective, and giving in every way we can. Maybe it is because they adore us with all of their heart, endlessly, even when we aren’t our best selves. What I can’t get my head around is: Why humans live so much longer of a life than our perfect, furry friends.

It is so unfair, they have the most beautiful hearts and souls, it is hard to even wrap your head around. One of the things that really baffles me is how low the standards are for the pet food companies in implementing nutrients. In other words, these huge companies like Pedigree, Aldo, and almost all the others only have to put enough nutrients into your puppy’s food to keep it alive. As I write this, I feel so horrible. And this goes for the kitty cats out there too! These huge companies are trying to make hand over fist and aren’t letting something as important as quality get in their way. Luckily, I have found a solution for this. Actually, it is more than a solution, it is a LIFE SAVER. Let me explain why Ultimate Pet Nutrition is so wondrous…

What UPN Is

As I mentioned before, these companies are barely giving our pups enough nutrients. Well, a vet, Dr. Gary Richter, figured that out and decided to do something about it! He figured out all of the essential nutrients that are missing, rounded them up with even more amazing nutrients that can work wonders on their bodies, and added bacon flavor that they eat up like little monsters! They just LOVE the flavor!

Some of the ingredients are one’s that you wouldn’t even think are necessary, like 40 different types of mushrooms, Microcrystalline Calcium Hydroxyapatite, or pretty much any of the other wild name probiotics and minerals he used. Check the photos for a full list of ingredients.

Feline Product Ingredients
Canine Product Ingredients

One of the biggest things that he states on a video [that he made] is about the fact that some dog breeds that used to live to 15, 16, or even 17 years old, 10-20 years ago, are now only living an average of 8-10 years. That is HALF!! What has changed? Their diet! The food we are giving them has gone downhill! We need to be paying much closer attention to what we feed our dogs and cats! Luckily for us, Dr Richter has made it SO easy.

If you head over to their website, you will find 2 different options of Nutra Thrive… Ultimate Pet Nutrition is the company, Nutra Thrive is the vitamin product. Anyhow, they have a nutrient blend for dogs and a separate one for cats. The cat one is definitely smaller than the dog one, but they both last about a month or so, depending on how much you give your pets. But it is SUPER easy. All you do is add a scoop of the vitamins in with their food either in the morning, evening, or both (Note: Use it as directed on the product for best results).

Does it work?

Oh. Em. Gee. It works, and it works amazingly. The reason we even found Ultimate Pet Nutrition is because we started to notice our oldest pup, Nala, started to slow down quite a bit. In her activity, energy, just overall seemed a little depressed. So, while researching for almost a week, we finally (and randomly) came across Ultimate Pet Nutrition. After doing some of our own research, we decided to give them a try.

Within a few days, we received our Nutra Thrive and gave it to our dogs (they didn’t have the cat option yet). Oh, I almost forgot, they have a guarantee that if you don’t see an increase in your pet’s overall health, you can send back an empty bottle, and they will refund you the money. Anyways, their guarantee was right! We saw an increase in Nala’s energy levels within 2 days. By the end of the week, she was acting like a 3-year-old puppy again! Waking up early, talking in the morning, wanting to run outside to use the restroom, wanting to play non-stop afterwards. I am telling you, Nutra Thrive gave her the life she has wanted back for quite some time. We didn’t see an energy increase in our other dog, but that’s because it is impossible for her to have more energy. Lol. She is a spazzy Tasmanian Devil! Hehe.

What Next

I am telling you, I highly recommend these nutrients for your babies (furry ones, obvi). So much so, that I made contact with them and we made a deal. It’s a simple deal, I give you 20% off your order, and you increase your pet’s health two-fold or more! That’s it. I really, really vouch for this company and can’t tell you how much I appreciate them risking everything they did to supply us with what our best friends actually need and deserve. Head over to their website and order yourself some.

Use this code at checkout to get 20% off, and try it out for yourself: Kara20

SHOP HERE: Canine Nutritional Supplement

If you have amazing results like we did, be sure to let us know in the comments section below!! Thanks for reading and I hope you take your doggos health BACK!


Kara Duenas


4 thoughts on “Ultimate Pet Nutrition

    1. Just like you I had no idea. I had done so much research on healthy and nutritious food, but never thought to search for dog vitamins. Duuuhhh we take vitamins so why wouldn’t they have some for dogs, right? lol I’m so happy I found this company though, my dogs have never been happier and more energetic. Xx

  1. Beautfiul article. I love how you love animals so much. It is one of my favorite things about you. P.s. I went and ordered some of these Vitamins because of your post! I bet the pups will love it!! Thanks for the post, always enjoy your content.

    1. Awww, thank you!! Yayyy, I’m sure they will love it! Keep an eye on them prior to giving them the vitamins and watch their energy levels increase. Please touch base after they’ve used them for a little while, I’d love to hear your thoughts!! Xx

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