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Fall in Zion


Cooler weather, autumn colored leaves, and less traffic, Zion National Park is a must see in the Fall! Having visited Zion multiple times and in several different seasons, I will tell you that visiting in Fall has lots of benefits.

Just a few weeks ago we were headed out to Zion for a wedding when we decided to exploration to our weekend plans. This was not our first time to Zion, but being as the park is quite large and has numerous areas to explore we had yet to see all it has to offer. This was going to be tricky… a weekend full of wedding necessities and try and fit a few hikes in. Luckily for us, the majority of the wedding party was also very interested in enjoying what Zion had to offer so we fit in a few hikes.

The Wedding

Talk about the perfect setting!! The ceremony was outdoors overlooking the outskirts of Zion, in a community called Ponderosa Ranch Resort. Not your average resort, that’s for sure. Big, beautiful homes that slept 25+Β  with private trails leading around the properties. It began promptly at 6pm and ended as soon as the sun had set… talk about perfect timing! Many stayed right there in that house while the rest camped in the park or stayed at an adorable lodge, called Cable Mountain Lodge, located right at the front entrance of Zion.

If you plan on staying in the town of Springdale there is a strip of shops and eateries, but remember the city shuts down pretty early so grab your groceries and head back to your hotel if you plan on having a late night!

Virgin City

Home base for us is Las Vegas, Nevada this means we drove up the 15 N all the way to the 9 and straight into Zion. Anyone traveling from Los Angeles, Riverside County, or Las Vegas will go this way. About 20 minutes South ofΒ  Springdale you will cross this cute, small town called Virgin City. Actually I’m surprised it is even considered a city because the entire place is sporadically populated. It is a fun little pit stop to stretch the legs, grab a beverage, and check out the fun petting zoo they have set up.


Recommended Hikes

Okay back to our main topic, ZION! The morning of and the morning after the wedding we enjoyed a few hikes. I’ll tell you a little about each below!


  • The Watchman Trail – Looking for a fun and easy hike that you can take the family on? Well this is definitely one of them! An easy to moderate hike that offers you beautiful views and a viewpoint at 456 feet up , this is sure to please those who aren’t skilled hikers. 2 miles long and takes about 2 hours to hike. This is a great hike if you are short on time.


  • Angel’s Landing – This hike is not intended for those of you have a fear of heights. At some points you will rely on chains, handrails, and steps to get you through the more exposed areas. The views along this hike are incredible; stopping every so often to snap a pick or just take a break and enjoy the beauty around you. With minimal stops, plan on spending about 4-5 hours hiking this trail. At the end of this trail you will reach a peak that overlooks the stunning canyon floor at a height of 5,785 feet.
    • Recommended – Bring water, snacks, a GoPro, a small backpack/camelback, and sunblock! It does tend to cool down a bit in the Fall, but you are exposed to the sun during 90%Β  of the hike (or more depending on the time of day).
    • Not recommended – shoes with no grip… there are many areas of this hike that you will sand and slick rocks so reliable shoes are A MUST. A backpack full of items not listed above. Don’t forget this is a 5 hour hike so carrying a backpack with extras is only going to make this hike less enjoyable.

I will be posting a vlog about our hike up Angel’s Landing…stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and remember you can always shop my favorites from each article!! Click the shopstyle badge on the bottom of the page to shop. Have you hiked in Zion before? If so comment below, I’d love to hear all about it!!


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