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With wedding season in full effect, and my wedding starting to creep around the corner, I have been on the prowl for the coolest venues, gifts, gowns, and so much more. Throughout my searches, I have come across tons of brilliant ideas, gorgeous venues, beautiful weddings, and some really cool gift ideas! One of the most precious, adorable gift ideas out there is a Bridal Gift Box by Victobelle. Believe it or not, I didn’t even come across this on my daily-web-wedding-surfing! I actually received it as a gift, and let me tell you, it was the sweetest gift EVER!

Let me share with you a little bit about it and the company, because this has become a must-gift for the bride-to-be.

When I received the Bridal Gift Box, I was so surprised, it made my week! The box it comes in is a beautiful natural wood, and looks so good tied with a white ribbon scattered with gold polka dots. The first impression was enthralled! Once I opened it up, I found a variety of super cute gifts! I’ll start from biggest to smallest. One of the cutest parts of the whole gift box was the white silk robe, which just makes you feel special. Like a Bride. On top of that, it also comes with a “Mrs. Mug,” a soy candle, and a bath bomb!

But wait there more! Lol. [Like a midnight infomercial. Hehe!]

But really, there is more. It also comes with a Bride Magazine, and a surprise gift! That I won’t say what I got, because, well, it’s a surprise! All in all, this box is the perfect gift for the Bride-To-Be. Seriously, if you want to spoil your fiancée, best friend, sister, mom, aunt, or whoever is you know is getting married, this is the way to do it. But the company isn’t just a gift-box company. So, if you are the new Bride, send this article to your fiancé and tell him, “Hint, hint,” while you head over to the Victobelle website and browse the awesome accessories and more they have for you!

For the Wedding

From headpieces and veils to dress accessories and bridesmaids’ gifts, (and of course the Bridal Gift Box we already covered), Victobelle has it all! If you want to be different and have your beauty stand out during the most precious day of your life, then at least take a look at some of these gorgeous pieces. Here is a Rhinestone Sash that is to die for!! Or if you want to look like a Princess, here is a Felicity Hair Vine. They even have vintage accessories for the Bonnie [and Clyde] in us all; Check out this Vintage Bridal Hair Flower Birdcage Veil. So, so cute. And you know what the best part of this company is? After spending thousands at every single turn for your wedding, this is the only place where you will be happy your purse is still heavy… with money…because it’s all so affordable.

Anyways, definitely go check out the website, get your loved one a gift, or get yourself some accessories. So worth it. I already have a few picked out for myself, and I betcha can’t guess which ones.

Leave any questions or comments below and let’s chat about it.

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