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Quick Weekend Trip Essentials

Hey Guys + Gals!

This will be my third post on what to pack. The other two are  Traveling with Kids and Beauty Carry-Ons.  With Spring Break right around the corner many people are planning  the

I feel as though I am very experienced with packing for quick weekend trips all thanks to my full time job having me commute weekly to different states.

So what how many days make it a “weekend trip?” I’d clarify that as more than 1 night and less than 5 nights.


Luggage Options

Must Haves For All Weekend Trips

No matter where you are headed there are a few things you just can’t go without.

  • Cell Phone: Well duuuuuuuh… we can’t leave anywhere without this bad boy!
  • A Small Wallet: Yes, I said small. There is no need for all those stamp cards or store reward cards… leave those at home and bring the necessities!
  • Itineraries: and basically any other documents you may need for travel plans. I save a picture of all documents in my phone and bring photocopies, that way if one gets slost I have a digital backup.
  • Passport: Unless you aren’t required to bring it with you (i.e. traveling within your country).
  • Umbrella: Might not seem like a neccesity, but they can come in handy when the weatherman wasn’t right last you checked. They sell compact ones at H&M, Forever 21, and CVS… just to name a few local spots.
  • Electronics: Don’t forget your chargers people!! It can get pricy when you have to buy a laptop charger at the airport.
  • Clothing: Depending on your purpose or destination of travel these will vary and you can read below for a better break down, but here are the basics. 1 shirt for every day you are traveling + 1 spare shirt, undergarments for each day, 1 pair of shoes, 1-2 hoodies/jackets,cardigans. 1 pair of bottoms for every 2 days.

Work Trip

Men you’ll only need to bring a small piece of luggage with you, but the ladies might need something a little bigger – I’d opt in for a medium size bag for the trip! Often with work trips we are provided an itinerary of events or functions that we will be attending. Pay close attention to this as it will help you to pack accordingly! So what do I bring?

  • Electronics: Laptop (clearly for work) , phones, chargers, and a camera if required for work.
  • Xtra Toiletries To Bring:   Makeup + Hair products are a must! Anything you basically need to look presentable at your work event.
  • Hair + Beauty: Try and decide how you want to style your hair. There is no need for a blow dryer, straightener, and a curling iron. Bring a curling iron, curl your hair, and dry shampoo the remaining days.
    • Day 1 you’ll have perfect locks, day 2 will be loose waves, and day 3 is all about the volume. Not feeling it by day 3… throw it up in a teased bun/ponytail. My hair is on the shorter side these days so I tend to leave a few strands to frame my face and throw it in two pigtails.
  • Attire: For men, bring dress shirts for every day and plan on going out one night (maybe to a work function or just to check out the town) so bring an extra evening shirt. Dress shoes are a must have for work events! Ladies I always bring a min. of 2 heel options because of courses we never know how we are going to feel until the night of. Wedges and Strappy heels are always a good option to dress up or dress down an outfit.
  • Tip: Not a fan of ironing… I recommending FOLDING, not rolling your outfits. When you arrive at your hotel, immediately hang all your outfits up so they are able to straighten out as much as possible. I travel everywhere with my portable steamer. They are honestly a lifesaver!! If you have room in your bag, throw one in! 

Beachy Vacation

If you know ahead of time the name of the resort or city you are staying in – do a little reasearch and see what stores, restauraunts, and what the nightlife is like. This will give you a better chance to prepare your attire accordingly.

  • Xtra Toiletries To Bring: Aloe Vera, Bug Repellent, and Waterproof Mascara.
  • Electronics: Make sure your phone has plenty of space for videos since you’ll probably want to record some of the vacy! A camera, point & shoot or a dslr… it all depends on how much weight you want to lug around. Don’t forget spare memory cards!!! No need for a laptop, remember you are on vacay people!!
  • Attire:  There isn’t much you must bring with you on a tropical vacay. You’ll be living out of your bathing suits for the majority of the trip, but it is still good to plan for maybe an exploration day or a nice evening dinner. 3 swimsuits, sandals, 2 flowy dresses; 1 casual, 1 semi-casual for a nice dinner. Men go ahead an pack 2 dress shirts for the evening.
  • TIP: Pack a laundry bag with you –

Vegas Vacation

  • First Aid Kit: Yeah sounds a bit extreme, but after a long day of walking in those adorable heels your blistered feet will thank you after a good band-aid job.
  • Attire:  Oh boy can this get tricky!! Try and organize your activities sahead of time… do you want to go clubbing, exploring, will you be walking a lot? These are all huge factors in deciding what to pack. Know that you will need different attire for daytime activities vs night time so plan on a larger bag than a normal weekend getaway. Day Attire: (varies based on time of year) shorts, jeans, skirts, casual dresses, and t-shirts. Maybe even a light sweater. Night Attire: Heels, heels, and more heels!! Bring options! OH and make sure they are comfy. You will do a lot of walking + dancing in this town. evening dresses, full toiletries + makeup, jewelry, small purse or clutch ( just big enough for the important things). For men: nice dress shoes, nice button-up shirt, slacks and/or nice jeans. Basically you’ll need the works!! I usually don’t recommend over-packing, but this is Vegas… bring that outfit you’ve always wanted to wear, but wasn’t sure where to wear it to. This is Vegas, ain’t nobody judging you! Don’t forget a bathing suit if you are there in the Summer months!!
  • Electronics:  Camera + cell phones are a must!! Everything else you can forget… there won’t be much time to sit back and answer emails. You are in Vegas BABY!
  • TIP: As I said earlier, plan for this trip. Figure out the itinerary and plan your outfits accordingly.

Sporting Event

  • Defintely bring a full first aid kit if you plannning on participating in any sporting acitivites. Though we hope nothing goes wrong, it is always best to be prepared!!
  • Electronics: You will be spending most of your time outdoors so there won’t be much need for many electronics besides the basic heaphones for some audiobook listeneing and/or your cell phone charger. I say leave the laptop at home and enjoy your surroundings!! If you are planning on taking pictures, I’d recommend a DSLR … zoom lense anyone? Unless you have a GoPro… always choose the GoPro!
  • Attire: Sports equipment necessary for the activity is a must so sasve room in your bag for that! Rain gear, winter jackets, or sweaters will come in handy so check the weather right before departure! If you plan on being outside at night make sure to bring warm socks, they can be a life saver when that evening chill comes over camp!
  • Tip: Advil, a good book, and a laundry bag for your dirites is sort of important on these trips. 😉


This could have been broken down into several more categories, but I hope these are able to help y’all out when packing for your next vacay!! Most importantly don’t stress … you forget something, you can always swing by a local drugstore and i’m sure they have it!


Have a Beachin’ day!

Beachin’ Traveler


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