Weekend Trip To Sacramento

Things to do in Sacramento

Sacramento is a beautiful city, and could even be a fun one if you know where to go! With activities ranging from lounging down by the river to roaming & shopping Old Sacramento, you are sure to have a good time while visiting or even just passing through. Check these out and let me know what you think!

Old Sacramento – This may seem like a must do in many big cities, but it is an absolute must in Sac-Town! The buildings are absolutely stunning. They have an old railroad system that was built long ago, which still has trains roll on it. These trains are mostly used for the Museum (read below), but still a wonderful sight to see. There are tons of places to eat, drink, and shop as well! Heck, you can even get a tattoo down here, so give it a visit!

Railroad Museum – Between the two of us here at KaraDuenas.com, only one of us is an avid museum goer and lover. That one is not me. But as always, I stick through the boring times for her. Luckily, this time, it wasn’t so boring. In fact, it wasn’t boring at all! It was awesome! There are old trains, long trains, big trains, and small trains. Some of them you can even walk on and get the feel for how people traveled years ago! It really is a fun experience that even I recommend. Also true for those of you with kids. I witnessed multiple children having a great time, among the few that were running around like little monsters, ignoring their parent’s begging’s’ for them to quit already.

Capitol Park – This one is a quick stop. Or at least it was for us. We didn’t go inside, but rather enjoyed the architecture from afar. Actually, we checked it out up close too, and I’ll tell you what, it’s really a pretty scenery no matter where you’re standing. The view from all sides is quite gorgeous, plus if your visiting in the Summer months, the shade bound to the immense Montezuma Cypress (and other) trees gives a pleasant break from the sun.

Downtown – Here is another place that won’t take all day, but is a fun little place to walk around and do some shopping. From home décor stores to bakeries, you will have a grand time strolling up and down the few streets that makeup downtown. It is cute, there are places to take photos, and bars here and there, so you can grab a drink!

Bonus: Where to Eat

Mojo’s Kitchen428

This place has some really delicious meals. It is a little 10 minute or so drive from Sacramento, but it is worth it! Plus, there is a little shopping area to hit there as well! It is just off of Main St. In Woodland, CA. The staff is wonderful and the drinks are strong! With a win-win duo like that, it’s an automatic must try.





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