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How I Mitigate Everyday Pains – LightStim for Pain

We have talked about LightStim in the past, the device that seriously prevents and controls wrinkles! Well, in this episode, we will be discussing one of their other Lights, the LightStim for Pain. As you can guess from the name, it is a lighted device that literally alleviates pain! Thought it was impossible? I did too, until this came in the mail and I got to using it. It actually works. Don’t take my word for it. I’ve caught my fiancé using it like 5 times within the first week! Want to know a little bit more about how it works and what it can really do? Read on! 😊

One of the craziest things about LightStim is how NATURAL it is! Light therapy to ease body aches, who would’ve thought?! LightStim did and they nailed it right on the head! Anyways, this device emits warm and soothing light energy which has been proven to relieve arthritic pain, joint and muscle pain, dismiss stiffness, and all the while increase blood circulation. The blood circulation is a huge part in getting all these pains relieved as well! Warmth and heat increase blood flow, and that alone is a major helper! With that, you would think that LightStim also emits UV rays, but it actually doesn’t, it is simply light energy, which they explain is very similar to the way plants absorb light energy from the sun.

How It Feels

In my personal opinion, you can actually feel the heat bursting out of the light and onto your skin. It isn’t “hot” by any means, like you can’t burn yourself with it, but it does have a warmth coming out from the lights. Like I stated above, that really helps to get your blood circulating and moving everything around down unda’ the skin. If you work out, stretch, or pull muscles here and there, this can really help with that soreness as well because blood flow is a huge part in the recovery process in all of those cases! I do Pilates and Yoga consistently, maybe even religiously, and ever since I started using LightStim, I have felt a major increase in my wrist joints and decrease in knee stiffness.

The next feeling you get is a looseness. You won’t start feeling it within the first few minutes, but after using it, you will start to feel your muscles and joints get a little loose, kind of like thee feeling you get after stretching. Sometimes I have a little wrist pain from a time that I fell and landed on it the wrong way, and let me tell you, this LightStim really helps loosen especially after a workout when I would usually ice it a bit. On that note, I will tell you another little story, my fiancé has been using it for his knees [that he injured in the military]. When he works out, he tries to strengthen them by doing squats and lunges, and the inflammation gets to him pretty badly. Well, for this post, I asked him if it had been working and how well. His response was, “Yeah, duh, that’s why I keep using it haha, dork.” He’s so sweet. Lol. As for how well, he said it has been working pretty well, and that he feels over time it will have a better effect, since each time has gotten a little better thus far.


All in all, I am super pleased with the LightStim for Pain. And if any of you are having remediating pain, inflammation in your joints, or just looking to increase blood flow for increased recovery time after workouts, then this is a must have. There isn’t anything on the market that works just like it, and honestly, I have tried a ton of products out there, and this one exceeds my expectations. Like I always say, if I recommend it, it must be good because I don’t commend much! If you want more detailed information or want to purchase it, click here https://www.lightstim.com/pain/ and use code KARA10 at checkout. Thanks for reading and I hope I made a little impact for all you out there that have to deal with pain on a daily basis!


Kara Duenas


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