William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody Museum & Grave

Colorado: William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody Museum & Grave


What comes to mind when you read or hear the name Buffalo Bill Cody? I’m sure a multitude of different things for different people, but all for the same cool western cowboy. Buffalo Bill’s real name is William Frederick Cody which during his lifetime was an American Scout, Buffalo Hunter, and Western Showman. Now, this post isn’t only about Buffalo Bill Cody, but more-so about visiting his beautiful Memorial Site. If you are taking a road trip through the West, more specifically, near Denver, Colorado, then this should be a stop along the way. Note: We have many, many places that we recommend in Colorado, so if you frequent there or are planning to visit, definitely Subscribe for all the goodies to come.

Wild Bill Cody’s Memorial Site is located in Golden, Colorado, just 15-20 minutes West of Denver. This city has a few different things to sites offer (which we will be posting shortly). In more detail, the Memorial Site is located on Lookout Mountain. He requested to be buried there, and his wishes were blessed. The drive up to Lookout Mountain gets more beautiful with each turn you take on the way up. They have a Gift Shop, delicious home-made Buffalo Chili, the beautiful Grave itself, a Buffalo Bill Museum, and of course, the Lookout over the city. We recommend setting aside at least 1-2 hours in total, to get the most of everything the Memorial site has to offer.

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