Winter Activities: Palm Springs Edition

Palm Springs might not be the first destination that comes to mind when you think, “Winter vacation,” but to my surprise it actually holds quite a bit of Winter related activities. This has been my first Winter experiencing all it has to offer!

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

For any of my long term followers, this place might sound familiar. This is because I wrote an article, way back when,  all about my visit here, but in the Summer months.  It’s a great place and I was so excited to go back, especially becuase this time of year there is snow… EVERYWHERE.

I highly recommend going right when they open; less crowds, more space, and better parking. At the base of the mountain it was a beautiful 60 degrees F, once we reached the top it was 34 degrees F with winds up to 14 mph. So you can say it was a Winter  Wonderland up there! Brrrrr, but hey… I wanted snow. haha!

What To Do There

During the Winter months you can plan a trip to the top just to play in the snow or opt in for a snowshoeing adventure. I am not joking people! You won’t see any ski lifts on this mountain so be prepared to walk it out!

Right off the tram, you’ll see many families enjoying the first trail. Sledding, hiking, building snowmen, and making snow angels.


There are over 50 miles of trails up there. In the Winter, many of those trails get closed because of poor conditions, but there is still a TON available. We walked for hours before  we decided to turn around and head back. If we wanted, we could have gone on for hours more.


Did you leave your sled at home? No worries, they have some to purchase! You can rent snow shoes, walking sticks, and ski’s (both adult and kids) up at the top of the mountain.

** Unfortunately dogs are not welcome. It makes it difficult since you have to take an aerial tram up to about 8,500 feet, to the top of a mountian. So leave the fur babies at home for the day.

Scenic View Point

If you aren’t into the snow activities don’t worry, right outside the 2nd floor of the lodge is a beautiful scenic view point. You can pop outside for a picture or two and then head back indoors to the bar/restaurant.


The Winter Adventure Center offers skis, poles, snowshoes and boots for visitors to rent!


Kara Duenas



5 thoughts on “Winter Activities: Palm Springs Edition

  1. This makes me want to take a Winter trip to Palm Springs, RIGHT NOW. lol! I never knew it snowed so close to downtown P.S.

  2. Okay, this sounds like a super fun girls trip!! Snow and bar hopping in downtown. Sign me up! 😉

  3. I’m super bummed because they closed down the tram due to damage in the roads. The crazy rainy weather we have been having in Cali messed up my Palm Springs vacay. I’m definitely adding this to my plans, next trip.

    1. OMGOSH no way?! That is such a bummer!!! Yesss, the next time you are in town make sure to check it out.

  4. I’ve never been cross country skiing, but I would be down to try it! Have you gone yet?

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