Mexico: Yucatan

Just SouthWest of Cancun and Cozumel this beautiful state is densely populated and has much to offer. If you atay current with my posts, you will remember that Yucatan is where Chichen Itza is located and where the Mayans left much history.

Walking around yucatan and taking local busses you will find that historical sites are often hidden. Our first stop was what they would consider a strip mall. They gave lessons on reading Myan birth certifactes and even made one up for you! Each birth certificate is hand painted by someone who has learned what little we know of the Myan language. Yes, of course I got one! Much a novelty gift, but also a great tangible item for your memories.

Pictured below are several women hand preparing our Myan “birth certificates.” As we stood there waiting for them to finish they explained to us what each symbol meant… luckily they sent us home with a key for future use so I didn’t have to remember everything right there!!!



Handmade gifts are for sale all around the city.

Sacred Cenotes were located all around… some you could swim in and others just for viewing purposes. We decided to do a bit of cliff jumping at Ik Kil Cenote. Pictures and videos of our day are up on our Instagram account. There was a slight walk down the crater, but once we got there it was all worth it! Fish swimming around in the water, people floating and soaking in the natural wateres, and others daringly cliff jumping into the water below.

The water was warm and had ropes along one side for those that wish to hold on instead of freely float. The cenote was very deep! I snorkeled down as far as I could and then quickly returned to the top to relax and enjoy the scenery. For those of you bringing belongings with you to the cenote, there are lockers for purchase. Though there is an area by the swimming hole to leave things, I wouldn’t recommend leaving more than your sandals.


After the Cenote

We had a full day ahead of us and I was a bit wet. To my surprise there were showers and changing areas at the top, near a delicious restauraunt I might add. If you are planning to take a nice long, warm shower and apply a full face of makeup then this is not the place for you. They are small stalls with a lot of people waiting … oh and don’t forget the 2 mirrors everyone shares. If planned out properly this might be your last stop of the day.


Throughout our journey we noticed that some of the ruins still remain…


Tradition is very strong in their culture. Many locals are pleased to teach the history of the Mayans. So if you are curious, just ask them! Though Yucatan was a quick trip it was definitely worth the stop!

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